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Whatever questions or challenges you might have as you consider the Catholic Faith, the Coming Home Network is here to help.

“You can never be too careful about what kinds of questions you ask, because those questions will often lead to answers, and those answers may actually demand something from you.”

– Paul McCusker, Writer/Producer, Former Executive with Focus on the Family

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Here are some great starting points for learning about the Catholic faith.

The Church

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The Holy

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The Pope

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The Saints

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Scripture & Tradition

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Salvation & Justification

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The Fathers

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Big Picture

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The Protestant Reformation

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Here are some additional topics addressing practical challenges many people face.

Catholic Devotions

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Catholic Moral Teaching

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Clergy & Pastors on the Journey

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Conversion Stories

Be inspired and challenged by the stories of other men and women who have embraced full communion with the Catholic Church. Explore our extensive online archive of written testimonies, episodes of the EWTN’s The Journey Home Program, and Signpost videos. Also, subscribe to our CHNewsletter to receive a new written story every month.

“To be deep in history is to cease to be a Protestant…” — John Henry Cardinal Newman

Deep in History

Christianity is a historical Faith. Christianity is rooted in the historical facts of Jesus’s life. The Church, which is His Body, has lived, grown, and matured in space and time. A powerful way to come to know more deeply Jesus Christ and His Church is through the study of history, both biblical and post-biblical.

Explore episodes of the new “Deep in History” web series hosted by Marcus Grodi and Msgr. Jeffrey Steenson as well as a variety of other resources on Church history, including our free archive of conference talks below.


Deep in Scripture

Over the course of our spiritual journeys we have come to believe in the necessity of reading and interpreting Scripture, not as isolated individuals, but rather as members of the Church, the Body of Christ. Join Marcus Grodi and other converts as they dive deep into sacred Scripture and reflect on how their individual journeys to Catholicism have helped shed greater light on God’s Holy Word.


Deep in Christ

Deep in Christ is a conversation about the daily task of growing deeper in imitation of and in relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. We will discuss topics such as prayer, devotion, spiritual study, and growth in virtue, all with an eye towards practical implementation, whatever the vocation or state of life we find ourselves in.


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