Calling All Converts

What if we rebuilt Christian unity one friendship, one prayer request, one conversion story at a time?

A Network of Converts, Serving Each Other and the Church

For those whom Jesus Christ has led home to the Catholic Church, becoming Catholic is only the beginning of the journey. Not only is growth in holiness and one’s relationship with Christ a lifelong journey, but converts often struggle to find fellowship and support in their new lives as Catholic Christians.

We would like to encourage you, as a convert or revert to the Catholic faith, to join the Coming Home Network International, both for your own continued edification and spiritual growth as well as for the fellowship and encouragement you can offer to others making a journey similar to your own.

Certainly, every convert is a gift to the Church and represents a serious responsibility for her…especially in the case of adults, such converts bring with them a kind of new energy, an enthusiasm for the faith and a desire to see the Gospel lived out in the Church. They would be greatly disappointed if , having entered the ecclesial community, they were to find a life lacking fervor and without signs of renewal! We cannot preach conversion unless we ourselves are converted anew every day. John Paul II, Redemptoris Missio, 47

Connect with Fellow Converts & Assist Those on the Journey

We need you in the network! Together we can ensure that every Christian who experiences the movement of grace has fellowship and support in coming home and then being at home in the Catholic Church.

How to get started:

  1. Join the CHNetwork
  2. Set up your profile in our CHNetwork Online Community and join relevant community groups (or help start a new one! Contact JonMarc) so that inquirers and converts of a similar background can connect with you.
  3. Help us to welcome, answer questions, encourage, and prayerfully support all those Christians who are making this journey home.

Interested in volunteering in a more serious way? Click here for more information about the Helper’s Network or join our Online group.

We Tell Stories

At the heart of the Coming Home Network International’s mission is the telling of stories – stories of how each member of the CHNetwork has had his or her life uniquely touched by Jesus Christ. We tell and retell these stories to evangelize, explain, comfort, and encourage.

We have shared thousands of stories through print and digital media; stories that have traversed the globe helping to renew the faith of life-long Catholics and inspiring a new generation of Christians to seek out the fullness of the Body of Christ. Whether through your fellowship and dialogue with other members, the data you help to contribute as a registered member of the CHNetwork, or perhaps through a written testimony or interview, you have a story that will help to build up the Church.

The Church Needs You

Non-Catholic clergy and laity from across the denominational spectrum come home to Catholicism with great enthusiasm and the commitment to follow Jesus Christ wherever He leads. The CHNetwork works to help converts find ways to use their gifts within the Church and to, in turn, help the Church be more prepared to invite and welcome others who may come home. To this end we gather general data on the backgrounds of Catholic converts, important topics of study during their journeys, and their experiences before, during, and after the journey home. If you are a convert to the Catholic Church, please connect with us!