Coming Home Network Retreats

Times of fellowship and prayer for Catholic converts and those on the journey to the Catholic Church.

COLUMBUS, OHIO – April 29 through May 2, 2019

CHNetwork Retreats

Coming Home Network Retreats are opportunities to meet (or catch up with) the CHNetwork staff and other members of the network for a time of discussion, prayer, and worship. Intended for both converts and those on the journey to Catholicism, whether lay or clergy, the goal is to promote Christian fellowship among the attendees, assist in discernment for those who are facing tough questions or decisions, and to encourage all in an ever greater walk with Christ.

The retreats are limited to 25-40 registered members of the Coming Home Network who are either converts (or reverts) to Catholicism OR who are non-Catholics thinking about joining the Catholic Church. (Due to a limited number of spaces we will prioritize the registrations of clergy and laity with whom we have been in contact and who are at difficult stages of their journey.)

What Our Members Say

The Coming Home Network has been a key part of our journey. It was helpful to meet other former clergy members through them, who’ve had similar experiences…the retreats were so fulfilling, so rich. I would go to one every month if I could!

Charlotte Wiley

These are great retreats. As a past attendee, I highly recommend it. God bless you and your staff for all you do.

Mark, Convert

A highlight for me was hearing from other people who’d had similar experiences, and knowing that God had called me in the same way that he’d called other people.

Beverly W.

Everyone there was at a different part of their journey- but what I saw was that no matter where you are, the (CHNetwork) staff is able to meet you there, and take you further along.

Tony F.

Retreat Schedule & Highlights

Every retreat varies slightly according to the location, size of the group, and which staff members are able to attend. However, here is an overview of some of the retreat schedule and highlights:
  • Each day begins with Mass and ends with Evening Prayer.
  • Forming the structure of the retreat are 6 topical sessions on aspects and stages of the journey deeper into Christ and His Church. Each session begins with a scripture reflection and proceeds into a guided discussion with opportunities for participants to share aspects of their conversion stories and for questions to be asked and answered.
  • There are also opportunities to learn about and participate in the Rosary and other types of Catholic prayer.
  • Ample opportunities for fellowship with other converts/journeyers during breaks, meal times, and a nightly social hour with snacks and beverages.
  • Time for prayer, rest, and networking

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