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Opportunities to Share

At the heart of the Coming Home Network International’s mission is the telling of stories – stories of how each person has been uniquely touched by Jesus Christ and how He has drawn them home to the Catholic Church.

We have shared thousands of stories through print and digital media; stories that have traversed the globe helping to renew the faith of life-long Catholics and inspiring a new generation of Christians to seek out the fullness of the Body of Christ.

Do you have a story to share or recommend? We’d love to hear it! Browse the options below for more information.

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Opportunities to Share

The Journey Home

Every week for over 18 years, men and women from every imaginable religious background have been joining Coming Home Network president and founder Marcus Grodi on EWTN’s The Journey Home Program to share their stories. To inquire about the program or to recommend a guest, visit our contact page.

Written Stories

We publish conversion stories in our monthly newsletter and on our website. Use the form below to submit a written story for review and possible publication.

Other Opportunities

Online Community, Retreats, and Other Fellowship Opportunities

Of course often the best and easiest way to share your story is simply in conversation with others. We encourage you to get involved in our online community forum, join our “Calling All Converts” Facebook Group, and attend one of our Retreats for many great opportunities to share and discuss your conversion.

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