Every week for over 20 years, men and women from varied Christian (and even non-Christian) backgrounds have been joining CHNetwork president and founder Marcus Grodi on EWTN’s The Journey Home Program to share the stories of how they came home to the Catholic Church.

The Journey Home Program is produced in the Coming Home Network studio and broadcast on the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN).

The program airs every Monday at 8 PM ET on EWTN TV, radio, and online (www.ewtn.com), and you can watch the encore shows at 1 AM on Tuesdays and at 1 PM on Fridays. In addition, the “Best of The Journey Home” airs Wednesdays at 1 PM ET.

Click below for a full, searchable archive of every episode of The Journey Home Program.

Latest Episodes of the Journey Home

Andrew Petiprin – Former Episcopal Priest

September 22, 2020 | No Comments

Andrew Petiprin grew up in a variety of denominations, and by his college years, had decided he was a Christian, but he wasn’t really satisfied with any of the churches

23rd Anniversary Special with Dr. Scott Hahn

September 15, 2020 | No Comments

Dr. Scott Hahn joins Marcus Grodi for a special episode celebrating the 23rd anniversary of The Journey Home on EWTN. They reflect back on their time together as seminary students

Rachelle Parker – Former Churches of Christ

September 01, 2020 | No Comments

Rachelle Parker was raised in a Church of Christ denomination that didn’t use musical instruments in worship because they weren’t mentioned in the New Testament. She learned to love Jesus

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