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Resources for OCIA

The Order of Christian Initiation for Adults (OCIA) is the ordinary way in which the Catholic Church welcomes new adult members.  If you’re in the process of becoming Catholic, or serving as a sponsor or OCIA team member, we want to make sure we are as available to help you along the journey as possible!

Join the Coming Home Network:

The Coming Home Network was established to help non-Catholic Christians, clergy and laity, discover the truth and beauty of the Catholic Church. As a network of converts, reverts, and life-long Catholics, it is our goal to help each other and all Christians hear and answer the universal call “to the fullness of the Christian life and to the perfection of charity” (LG 40).

RCIA candidates can find stories of other men and women who journeyed to Catholicism from the same background and dealt with the same questions or struggles. We also have a variety of articles, scripture study podcasts, Deep in History talks, recommended books, recommended links, and other great resources for those studying Catholicism.

More Resources for OCIA Participants and Leaders from the Coming Home Network

Books & Guides

Read the Bible & Catechism in a Year

By making a commitment of only twenty to thirty minutes a day, you can prayerfully read through the entire Bible and/or Catechism in one year! This handy guide is simply one of the best ways to challenge yourself to a deeper knowledge of Christ in the Scriptures and in His Church. Click here to download a free pdf copy.

Journeys Home

edited by Marcus Grodi

In this book are 30 conversion stories that provide insight, encouragement, and inspiration for those who are thinking about making the same journey and for Catholics going deeper in their faith.

Journeys Home 2

edited by Marcus Grodi

Journeys Home 2 gathers together more conversion stories of men and women, clergy and laity, who found themselves drawn to the Catholic Church.

Roots of the Reformation

by Karl Adam

Karl Adam gives a historically sensitive and accurate analysis of the Reformation that stands as a valid and sometimes unsettling challenge to the presuppositions of Protestants and Catholics alike.

What Must I Do to Be Saved?

Marcus Grodi

Do we need the Church, or is the “Jesus and me” theology of many modern Christians enough? This book argues, from the perspective of a biblical hermeneutic of continuity, that salvation has always involved more than this simplistic expression of modern individualism.

The Bible Alone?

edited by Marcus Grodi

The Bible Alone? presents a competing look at the biblical roots, historical precedent, and logic behind using only the Bible as an infallible source of truth. This book affirms the importance of Scripture as a divinely given foundation for our faith and also encourages the reader to consider the need for an authority established by Christ for its trustworthy interpretation.