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Members of our network have come from every religious background and walk of life. Our common thread is that at some point we all encountered Our Lord Jesus Christ and now desire to follow wherever He leads.

Signposts is a series of interviews with Catholic converts about how they originally came to know Christ and the many ways He led them to the Catholic Church.

Latest Interviews

An Atheist’s Path to Catholicism – Marc Lozano

July 12, 2024 | No Comments

Marc Lozano was raised Catholic, but complained so much about going to Mass that his family stopped participating in the life of the Church. He became a convinced atheist, and

Joining God’s Family – Derek Rotty

May 17, 2024 | No Comments

Between coming from a divorced family and his own budding adolescent ego, by the time Derek Rotty was a young man, faith was a long forgotten priority. But in studying

How a Catholic Convert Became a Religious Sister – Sr. Julia Mary Darrenkamp, FSP

April 26, 2024 | No Comments

Raised in a solidly Christian family with experience of a number of Protestant denominations, Sr. Julia’s first exposure to Catholicism came through books about the lives of the saints that