Members of our network have come from every religious background and walk of life. Our common thread is that at some point we all encountered Our Lord Jesus Christ and now desire to follow wherever He leads.

Signposts is a series of interviews with Catholic converts about how they originally came to know Christ and the many ways He led them to the Catholic Church.

Latest Interviews

“I’ve lived my entire life focused on Jesus.” – Judy Davids

September 24, 2021 | No Comments

Judy Davids was born into a Plymouth Brethren family, and from a young age knew that she needed to follow Jesus wherever he called her. She met her husband at

Returning to the Church from Alcoholism – Deacon Lou Aaron

August 27, 2021 | No Comments

Deacon Lou Aaron came from a big Catholic family, but began drinking in his early teens, and that became the most important thing in his life. When his wife discovered

Finding God in Creation – Dan Teller

August 06, 2021 | No Comments

Dan Teller grew up in a Jewish home that honored the feasts and traditions of his rich heritage, but he himself never really prayed much. However, Dan had a longing