Encounters with Christ and the Call to Go Deeper

Following Christ Wherever He Leads


Members of our network have come from every religious background and walk of life. Our common thread is that at some point we all encountered Our Lord Jesus Christ and now desire to follow wherever He leads.

Signposts is a series of interviews with Catholic converts about how they originally came to know Christ and the many ways He led them to the Catholic Church.

Latest Interviews

“You’re so smart! How could you be Catholic?” – Brent Robbins

December 07, 2017 | 2 Comments

Dr. Brent Robbins has a Ph. D, and is a respected academic in his discipline.  In the field of psychology, some of his friends wondered if he was losing his…

“I began to realize how I could see Jesus in others, even if they didn’t love him.” – Maija Fish

November 21, 2017 | No Comments

Growing up in what she calls a “Church-positive” home, Maija Fish believed in God, but didn’t realize she could have a personal relationship with Jesus until high school. Later, in…

“I realized that somehow, the saints had always been there with me.” – Christopher Reibold

November 09, 2017 | No Comments

Chris Reibold rejected his Catholic faith as a teenager, but the experience of career burnout as an adult led him to start rethinking his life. He got into screenwriting, and…