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The Coming Home Network exists to help you find fellowship and support from others who have made the journey home to the Catholic Church

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“When I came into the church, something that was so essential to my experience was community… I think that there are probably so many converts that really make the journey alone. And I think that that would be so hard…”

– Blythe Fike, Wife, Mother and Convert

Here are some ways to get connected for the journey home and beyond:


For over 20 years members of the Coming Home Network have stayed connected via the CHNewsletter, sharing their stories, learning about the Catholic faith, assisting men and women on the journey to Catholicism, and praying together for Christian unity.


Join our online community to instantly begin connecting with other converts and people on the journey to the Catholic Church. You can share stories, give or get advice from people who came from a similar religious background, join a study group, and much more.

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A time of fellowship and prayer for Catholic converts and those on the journey to the Catholic Church.


Deep in History Pilgrimages are opportunities to explore and experience the roots of the Catholic faith.

Get Help From Our Staff

Whether it is answering questions, connecting you with the right people or resources, or simply keeping up with your journey and praying for you, our dedicated staff are here to help.