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Martin Luther’s Devotion to Mary

Dave Armstrong |
Articles | No Comments

Despite the radicalism of early Protestantism toward many ancient Catholic “distinctives,” such as the Communion of the Saints, Penance, Purgatory, Infused Justification, the Papacy, the priesthood, sacramental marriage, etc., it may surprise many to discover that Martin Luther was rather conservative in some of his doctrinal views, such as on baptismal regeneration, the Eucharist, and particularly the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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What is Devotion to Mary?

Mark Miravalle, S.T.D. | Articles | No Comments

Many Protestant Christians believe that Catholic devotion to Mary eclipses Jesus, or involves improper worship of a human creature. In this short article, Dr. Miravalle, whose wife Beth is a convert to the Catholic Church, explains a proper view of Catholic devotion to Mary.

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The Holy Eucharist

James Cardinal Gibbons | Articles | No Comments

(The following chapter is reprinted from Cardinal Gibbons famous book, “the Faith of Our Fathers” (TAN Books, Rockford, IL 61105) which sold over 1.4 million copies in the first forty

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