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NEW CHNetwork Community Question: Was Missing Church Services a Big Deal?

October 17, 2016 No Comments


Perhaps some of you have entertained the argument that since Jesus isn’t bound by walls, and “The Church isn’t just some building,” then attendance at weekly Sunday services is not obligatory or mandatory, but merely recommended.  Across the spectrum, various Christians have different perspectives on this- some see weekly participation in church services as crucial; others to a lesser extent.  Still others think that when you take a vacation, it’s okay to take a vacation from church since you’re not close to your home worshipping community.  For Catholics, of course, attending Mass on Sundays is critical- and to miss without a grave reason is considered a sin.

With all that in mind, before you became Catholic, how would you have treated the idea of missing church on Sundays?  

Was it something that could happen when you were on a road trip, or had sports obligations with your kids, or was it a non-negotiable part of your weekend, no matter where you were, and all your other plans had to move out of the way for it?

Please share your experiences in the comments below- and tune back in this weekend when we share what other members of our CHNetwork Community have had to say about it!

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