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The Necessity of the Church

Kenneth J. Howell, Ph.D. |
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I believe that a careful study of the doctrine of the Church in the New Testament would lead any honest Christian to realize that the Church is necessary for salvation. The Church is necessary because of what Christ made it to be. Grace is necessary to be saved, and so he made the Church an instrument of grace.

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Inch by Inch, Row by Row: A Reflection on the Beatitudes as a Staircase of Conversion

Marcus Grodi |
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St. Chromatius of Aquileia (ad 340–408), preached something about these Beatitudes that I had never heard, but which was understood by many of the early Doctors of the Church. In a sermon on Matthew, Chromatius wrote:

Our Lord, our savior, establishes extremely solid steps of precious stones, by which saintly souls and faithful can climb, can rise to this supreme good, which is the kingdom of heaven…. Brethren, before your eyes are the eight rungs of the gospel, constructed, as I have said, with precious stones. Behold Jacob’s ladder which starts on earth and whose top touches heaven. He who climbs it finds the gate of heaven, and having entered it, will have endless joy in the presence of the Lord, eternally praising Him with the holy angels.

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Verses I Never Saw: “There But for the Grace of God Go I”

Marcus Grodi |
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This well-known proverbial saying is how I must begin as I consider sharing the Scriptures that God has used to open my very hard heart and stubborn mind. Whenever I see someone lost in sin, ignorance, bitter anger, abhorrent poverty, or addiction to false gods, I know that my on-going salvation has little to do with me, my intellect, or my will, but mostly God’s love, grace, and mercy. Even the little that has to do with my efforts—and continues to be my responsibility—is still only an active response to His grace. It’s all a gift. All of it. Thanks be to God.

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