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Full Communion

Fr. Donald Flumerfelt |
Anglican & Episcopalian, Conversion Stories | 4 Comments

In my youth, my whole family was actively involved in many aspects of the United Church of Canada in Calgary, Alberta and in Montreal, Quebec. They were good and creative years. My call to ministry came while serving as a counselor for a church camp outside Montreal. One beautiful summer morning, the sun was dancing off the water and a gentle breeze was blowing.

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The Words of Eternal Life

Louise Winant |
Conversion Stories, Evangelical, Reverts to the Catholic Faith | One Comment

After leaving the Catholic Church and attending evangelical denominations, Louise Winant sought the truth of Christ and decided to reconcile with the church of her youth. Even after returning, there was one teaching of the Catholic Church — the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist — that Louise could not get over, until Jesus touched her heart.

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Damascus Road: My Personal Journey of Encountering Christ, the Sacraments, and His Church

Phill Bennetzen |
Baptist, Conversion Stories, Evangelical, Non-Denominational | 2 Comments

I sat at work with my head in my hands looking at the computer screen. I couldn’t believe what I had just read. There was no possible way that was the truth. How could it be? I always thought that I was right and the Catholics were wrong. If the statement I had just read was true, it would mean so much would have to change. Yet, how could they be right? This was only supposed to be a harmless trip to in order to disprove my fiancée’s parents and their firm Catholic beliefs.

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A Convert’s Response To Friends – From a letter by Robert E. Day

Articles | One Comment

Because you are among several folks who are worried that we have fallen off the Christian cliff, I thought that this record of an interchange with Internet friends who had similar concerns might ease your anxiety about our salvation prospects. It is important to understand that we are not writing this to try to convert you, but to hopefully neutralize your prejudices so if any other friend converts, you can say “Gee Whiz, that is wonderful” as opposed to “You poor lost soul.” Here is the interchange:

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The Holy Eucharist

James Cardinal Gibbons |
Articles | No Comments

The following chapter is reprinted from Cardinal Gibbons famous book, “The Faith of Our Fathers” (TAN Books, Rockford, IL 61105) which sold over 1.4 million copies in the first forty

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