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A Bible-Believer Becomes Catholic by Believing the Bible

Wesley Vincent Ph.D. |
Baptist, Conversion Stories, Evangelical, Fundamentalist | 86 Comments

“Living with many mutually contradictory doctrines made understanding the faith similar to trying to complete a complex puzzle from a combination of different jigsaw puzzles stirred together.” Evangelical Wesley Vincent noticed that every pastor who preached the Bible seemed to have a different understanding of what it meant to be a follower of Christ.

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From Cradle Mormon to Joyful Catholic: My Journey to the Eucharist

JoAnne | Conversion Stories, Mormon | 61 Comments

In the Mormon faith, God was presented to JoAnn “not as the mysterious, ineffable source of all creation, but simply as an evolved human being who meted out salvation much like an insurance agent issues a policy: with little passion and lots of contingencies.” Now, her soul “is at peace and I rest secure knowing that the Lord’s unfathomable grace and mercy are gifts to be received with deep thanks, not to be earned in anxiety.”

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How (Not) to Become Catholic

Jim Tonkowich |
Conversion Stories | 4 Comments

How (Not) to Become Catholic is an insightful look at how a Presbyterian pastor was led to the fullness of truth in the Catholic Church, but from the perspective of what Protestants should not do so as to avoid becoming Catholic such as “Avoid Being ‘Deep in History'” and “Do Not Read the Church Fathers.” A profound and interesting perspective at conversion. Download your free copy today!

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A Deeper Look at Our Conversion Stories

Marcus and Marilyn Grodi |
Conversion Stories, Lutheran, Presbyterian & Reformed | 19 Comments

Becoming Catholic was never my dream or intent. It is still an all too vivid memory to me, sitting alone at age 40 in a half-lit basement, having resigned from the pastorate. I ached for having abandoned the weekly privilege of a pulpit from which to proclaim God’s truth. Would I ever have this privilege again? Will I ever again have a pulpit? Now they estimate that each week from the “pulpit” of The Journey Home television program I speak to a potential audience of over a billion viewers and listeners. In one night I speak to more people than I ever could have in my entire career as a Protestant minister. This is the humor of our merciful God. Before I converted I had no idea whatsoever how I would support my family let alone how I would continue in ministry. But this is getting way ahead of myself.

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