2005 Conference - The Continental ReformationDeep in History

Martin Luther – Dr. Paul Thigpen

March 16, 2016 No Comments

Dr. Paul Thigpen, author, Church historian, and former Evangelical minister, describes the monumental figure Martin Luther as “a figure of great complexity and contradiction.” In this 2005 Deep in History talk, Dr. Thigpen reveals points about Martin Luther’s life and ideology that Thigpen struggled with as a Protestant, including Luther’s early life, attitudes toward the Catholic Church, and his views on the human person.

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Study Questions:

-Was there anything from Martin Luther’s younger days that surprised you? How did that help you to better understand his ultimate actions? 

-What were some of Luther’s sentiments towards the Catholic Church? What were his sentiments toward other breakaway, Christian groups?

-What was the end of Luther’s life like?

-As Dr. Thigpen describes Luther’s theology, how did Luther view the human person? How does this differ from the Catholic Church’s view of the human person? 

-What were the “four historical ironies” of Luther’s theology that Dr. Thigpen lists? How does this help you put your personal belief system into perspective?