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The Top 10 CHNetwork Written Conversion Stories of 2023

December 29, 2023 No Comments

It’s been another roller coaster ride of a year, and we’ve been blessed yet again to share so many wonderful stories from those who have found a home in the Catholic Church. We published a number of wonderful testimonies, but the following were the ten most popular among our readers over the past year:


10. From CBN Producer to Catholic Convert – Andrea Garrett

“The megachurch trend exploded in the 2000s… Many friends and colleagues attended one of these large, non-denominational churches. At my Christian workplace, we began to adhere to a ‘lowest common denominator’ Christianity. Since there were so many different theologies floating around, we had to ‘agree to disagree’ on an ever- growing number of doctrines.” Read Andrea’s story.

9. Dressed Down by Three Pastors for Investigating Catholicism – Joe Ward

“Our meeting concluded with the resolution that I would no longer be allowed to perform on the worship team, while Catholicism was something I was still openly looking into. While this hurt me deeply, I understood where the Executive Pastor was coming from as the shepherd of his flock… I left the meeting feeling sad and confused, but most of all, curious.” Read Joe’s story.

8. Catholic to Baptist and Back – Rex Gehlbach

“While in college, I met a young lady who would later become my wife. She was from a Baptist background, and we got married within a year of my college graduation. I found her church to be different than mine, but it didn’t bother me. I became a Baptist, and we raised our children in the Baptist church.” Read Rex’s story.

7. A Oneness Pentecostal Minister Becomes Catholic – Michael Garcia

“In my teens, I slowly began to drift away from the Church by not receiving Communion and eventually not attending Mass at all. I always seemed to find an excuse for not going. After high school, I entered the United States Navy, and my church attendance eroded even more, but I always felt that God was somehow with me. At this time, my older brother was getting involved with a United Pentecostal Church (UPC), and I saw a change in his life.” Read Michael’s story.

6. A Protestant Pastor Stops Protesting – James Whittaker

“When I took Advanced Methodist Theology from a world-renowned Methodist scholar, I was told that the basic premise of Methodist theology was Catholic. To be sure, there were differences, but the theology definitely was not the anti-Catholicism of John Calvin. Methodists do not preach ‘once saved always saved,’ even if some in the pews believe that theology. I was dumbfounded and tried to argue against the premise, but could not.” Read James’ story.

5. Mail, the Donut Man, and the Priest – Kara McGee

“I was brought up in the Free Will Baptist Church and have many good memories from my childhood there. My grandaddy was a Free Will Baptist preacher. When he preached, he had a way of making Bible stories come to life, and I loved that! Grandma was very wise and had a great sense of humor. I am blessed to have such a godly heritage.” Read Kara’s story.

4. A Protestant Seeks Annulment – Pam Mings

“The Sunday came when I was to be confirmed into the Church. As I stood at the doorway of the nave, about to proceed down the aisle behind the priest, one of the deacons asked for the name of my patron Saint, as they write it on a sticker and put it on your chest. ‘My what?’ I asked.” Read Pam’s story.

3. Iconography Draws an LDS Missionary – Anthony Hansen

“The first time I attended Mass was shortly after I returned home from my mission, and it didn’t go the way I expected…” Anthony Hansen shares how his experience as an LDS missionary came into conflict with his wife’s experience of faith as a Catholic, and how he eventually came home to the Church. Read Anthony’s story.

2. From Bar Mitzvah to RCIA – Phillip Seeberg

I went to Hebrew School on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays from 4th through 7th grade, and while studying for my Bar Mitzvah, I also attended religious services Friday nights and Saturday mornings for two of those years. I remember walking to the synagogue after school in the afternoon. One day a week, the Catholics in my class went to CCD classes at St. Bede church, across the street from Beth Jacob synagogue. Read Phillip’s story.

1. How the Peace of Christ Conquered my Anxious, Atheist Heart – Peter Laffin

“It wasn’t just that I didn’t believe in God. It was that I hated even the idea of Him (it took me years to realize that hatred implied belief). I hated his arbitrary rules and his apparent indifference toward evils like the bomb and childhood cancer. I hated the idea of his perfection, and most of all his perfect goodness… Of course, I had no idea what the Church meant by the word ‘God.'” Read Peter’s story.


As you can see, there were many powerful stories to share in 2023! And this list only scratches the surface. To view our full archive of written stories from the past year and beyond, visit

You can see our top 10 written stories from last year.

And if you’re interested in submitting your own written testimony for us to review and see if it’s a fit for our readership, please let us know! You can find our written story submission guidelines here.

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