Freed from the Occult

July 18, 2016

I was born into a Conservative Jewish home.  My parents, while not overly “religious,” did their best to follow the Jewish customs and traditions.  My mom kept a kosher home quite well.  When I was of age, they sent me to Hebrew school where I learned to read, write, and speak Hebrew and studied about the Jewish faith. Of course, the Old Testament was a huge part of my studies.  At thirteen, I made my Bar Mitzvah and was now a member of the club, so to speak, a full-fledged ... more
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From Pain to Peace

August 20, 2012

I was born in the ghettoes of Chicago’s South Side in 1961. My first memories are of dilapidated apartments, window frames without windows, trash strewn on the streets, urine-soaked alleys, and a neglected-derived independence. As a three-, four-, and five-year-old, I remember many times coming and going from the apartment my mother, siblings and I shared while my mother, an active alcoholic at that time, had friends over from morning till night — days filled with card games, cigarette smoke and all the beer and vodka they could want. When I ... more
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John Mallon: Revert from Drugs & the Occult

November 13, 1998

John was reared Catholic but had never known Christ as a reality. As a young man, he became involved with a group of people who were heavily into drugs, the occult and Satanism. After a frightening experience he was drawn by God to turn to Christ for aide. I would take a nine-year journey before he was brought to the realization, that to be totally free, he needed to seek out a priest, confess his sins and return Home to the Catholic Church. ... more
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Open-Line With Fr. C. John McCloskey: Life-long Catholic

April 3, 1998

Marcus & Fr. McCloskey answer open line questions. ... more