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Catholicism, Psychology, and a Life of Conversion –
Episode 11

June 28, 2022 No Comments

Matt Swaim welcomes two Catholic converts from the fields of counseling and psychology to discuss how they approached their disciplines before and after becoming Catholic.

Deacon Kevin Stephenson, a counselor from an Anglican and Charismatic background, and Dr. Brent Robbins, a psychology professor from an atheist/agnostic background, share their own stories, and the professional insights they’ve gained from the wisdom of the Church.

Starting with the personal experiences of woundedness that got them interested in their fields, to the role of determinism in psychology, to the way the incarnation and the sacraments help in healing the whole person, it’s a pretty intense and enlightening conversation!

More on the work of Dr. Robbins

Dr. Robbins on The Journey Home

More on Deacon Stephenson’s work

Deacon Stephenson on The Journey Home

Deacon Stephenson’s written conversion story

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