circular logic

The Illogical Logic of Sola Scriptura

September 4, 2013

There is a television commercial, selling a certain satellite service, that uses a tongue-in-cheek form of illogical chain logic. The writers presume that we understand not to take their logic seriously, but they also presume that the humor of it will leave us with a positive view of their product. ... more

Logic and the Foundations of Protestant Faith

May 16, 2011

As an active Protestant in my mid-twenties I began to feel that I might have a vocation to become a minister. The trouble was that while I had quite definite convictions about the things that most Christians have traditionally held in common — the sort of thing C.S. Lewis termed “mere Christianity” — I had had some firsthand experience with several denominations (Presbyterian, Anglican, Lutheran, Methodist) and was far from certain as to which of them (if any) had an overall advantage over the others. So I began to think, study, ... more
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John L Barger: Former Atheist

September 25, 2000

John grew up in a nonreligious home. As a boy he wanted to know the truth. In high school he debated evangelical Christians. Their unquestioning appeal to scriptural authority he felt was circular reasoning. In college, he studied the philosophers, but their contradicting of each other led him to despair and atheism. He left college and entered the military. He found his only comfort in drinking. He believed that truth could only be discovered through science. While taking a course at the Citadel, in South Carolina, he was introduced to ... more