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Authority as Gift: Scripture, Tradition, and Reason in the Writings of St. Thomas Aquinas – Dr. Theresa Farnan

August 23, 2018 No Comments

In a talk from The Coming Home Network’s 2011 Deep in History conference, Dr. Theresa Farnan looks at the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas on the nature of authority in the Christian life. Dr. Farnan shares what St. Thomas had to say about the relationship between Scripture, tradition, and reason, and how the three work in relation to one another in the Catholic understanding of authority in the Church.

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Study Questions:

-Why is an objective authority necessary when it comes to living the Christian life?

-What might lead some to believe that St. Thomas Aquinas might have been sympathetic to the idea of sola Scriptura? Why is it obvious that he would not agree with that doctrine?

-Why does St. Thomas argue that the authority of Scripture and the authority of tradition cannot operate independently from one another?

-Why can we trust the written testimony of a Gospel writer like John?

-Why is submission to authority necessary to an authentic search for truth?

-What does Dr. Farnan say about the relationship between reason and revelation?