Jeffrey Morrow JH

Jeffrey Morrow, Jewish Atheist turned Catholic Christian

February 29, 2016

Marcus Grodi welcomes Jewish convert and former Evangelical Protestant Jeffrey Morrow to discuss his journey from atheism into belief in God, Christianity, and ultimately, Catholicism. Jeffrey grew up not knowing that Christmas or Easter had anything to do with Jesus! Not only was he not familiar with Christianity, but he simply didn’t believe any God existed! Challenged by peers in college, he realized that Christianity is one of the most historically-defensible ideologies. He realized his atheism took more faith than belief in God. After coming to know Jesus Christ, ... more
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Jessica Stuart: A Convert from Judaism

December 14, 2015

Jessica was raised in a Jewish home, though her father had become a Catholic Christian earlier in life but later returned to Judaism. Because of this Jessica was exposed to Christianity early in life, as her father continued a secret interest in the Catholic faith. At her request, her father began to take her the visit churches. Eventually, they went to a Catholic parish where she discovered that her father had returned to the Church. From that time she told her faith that she believe that Jesus was the Messiah ... more
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Roger Dubin: Convert from Judaism

November 9, 2015

Roger was brought up in a culturally Jewish home in New York. Though he was only nominally Jewish, he held a deep prejudice against Christians and especially towards Catholics—who were blamed for the medieval passion plays, the pogroms, the worldwide discrimination, even some aspects of the Holocaust. His journey to Christ and the Catholic Church is one of is a fascinating odyssey that took him from North Africa to an airport lobby weeping with joy over the election of Pope Benedict XVI. Roger is the author of the novel  ... more

Michael Lofton: A Former Baptist & Presbyterian

July 27, 2015

Michael was born into a Christian family in the United State but at the age of two the family moved to Jerusalem. When he was four his parents divorced and his mother moved back to America and converted to Judaism. She moved back to Israel and he lived there until he was twelve, when he again returned to America to live with his father. At his father’s church he gave his life to Christ and was baptized but, sadly, soon fell far away into a sinful life. After hitting ... more

Dr. Robin Pierucci: A Jewish Convert To The Catholic Faith

February 2, 2015

Robin was brought in a Jewish home. Her father said that they were “convenient Jews” rather than orthodox, reformed or conservative. Still Robin always talked to God. Sadly, she had to hide her faith because religion was not accepted in her social group. After high school she was active in a dance troop. One day she awoke and realized she had to move on. She entered medical school at Loyola University. Because she had to take religion classes, she took a class in Old Testament. Unbeknownst to her, the professor ... more

St. Paul, Why Haven’t Jews Responded to the Gospel of Christ? Romans 9:30-10:13

January 28, 2015

Continuing our study of Romans, we’re right in the middle of the section in which Saint Paul addresses the question: “Why haven’t all the Jews responded to the Gospel of Christ?” They were the chosen people, but yet the majority of the Jews did not accept Jesus as their Messiah. Why? In this first half of chapter 10, Paul addresses the question of faith versus works of the Law, and the necessity of confessing with our lips and believing in our hearts. ... more

Rick Rosen: A Convert to the Catholic Faith from Judaism

January 5, 2015

Rick grew up in a Jewish community in Oak Park, Michigan. Unknown to Rick, his journey to faith in Jesus Christ began when he married an Irish Catholic girl. God used a rocky time in his marriage to get his attention to enable him, through the Holy Spirit, to accept Jesus as his Messiah, Lord and Savior and, eventually, to come into full-communion with his Catholic Church. ... more
Paul Schenck

A Glorious Journey

August 25, 2014

I chose to enter into full communion with the Catholic Church when it became apparent to me that I no longer could confess the Creed, in which I made the claim to believe in the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church and not be in communion with the Bishop of Rome, the Successor of St. Peter, and Pastor of the universal Church. ... more

Seth Cherney: Convert from Judaism

August 18, 2014

Seth grew up, in California, in a nominal New Age Jewish family that celebrated Passover, Christmas and Buddha’s birthday. As a child he had no concept of the present of God in his life. He attended a Catholic high school and had his initial encounter with Church at the elevation of the host in the Holy Eucharist. At the age of 16 he knelt and prayed, “God, if you exist, let me know if Jesus Christ is your Son.” At the age of eighteen, he travelled to Rome to study ... more
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Sara Piazza: Revert from Judaism

January 13, 2014

JonMarc Grodi welcomes Sara Piazza who shares her interesting journey to the Catholic Church, onto Judaism and then returning Home.  Sara grew up in Martha’s Vineyard.  Her father left the marriage before she was born, leaving a large hole in Sara’s heart – a significant part of her seeking wholeness.  Her mother became anti-religious.  Sara’s grandmother introduced her to the faith through a Methodist Sunday school, but by her teens, Sara had no connection to a church.  Later, her children, her love of music and her continuing faith ... more
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Dan Burke: Convert from Judaism

September 2, 2013 ... more
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Cheryl Dickow: Revert

August 26, 2013

Marcus welcomes Catholic revert Cheryl Dickow to the Journey Home program.  Cheryl, despite receiving the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation, really had little formation or practice in the Catholic faith.  She actually had more ties to the Jewish culture and traditions of those around her, and came really to enjoy being part of all of it.  Cheryl did marry a Catholic man, but it was through the encouragement of an Evangelical Protestant friend who brought her into a yearning for learning about Catholicism.  Her background provided the gift of seeing ... more