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OTJ Short – Preaching a Biblical Minimalism?

August 16, 2023 No Comments

When he was a Baptist pastor, Ken Hensley would often come across passages where it wasn’t clear from the text alone how best they should be interpreted.

For example, on the topic of Baptism, there were several verses that Ken thought could plausibly support a NUMBER of different theological positions.

But because Ken was coming from a sola Scriptura background and couldn’t lean on historic Christian tradition to help him in such cases, he found himself, without even realizing it, often preaching the “safest” interpretation he could come up with.

However, deep down, Ken knew that there had to be more to God’s Word than “safe” interpretations and broad doctrinal brushstrokes.

This started him on a journey to search out a richer way to understand the Scriptures…

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