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Managing Your Zeal as a New Convert – Sam Guzman

August 11, 2023 No Comments

Many of us who became Catholic – especially if we came from Evangelical Protestant backgrounds — entered the Church full of excitement, fervor, and a desire to do what we’ve done our whole Christian lives, which is to share our experience of Jesus with everyone we encounter.

In doing so, however, some of us have let our zeal run ahead of our prudence, and either ended up with strained relationships, an inflated sense of the role knowledge plays in the Christian life, and even spiritual burnout.

Sam Guzman, who grew up Baptist, looks back at some of the mistakes he made in his own first days as a new Catholic, and shares some thoughts for anyone who’s excited about discovering the Catholic Faith but wants to get things off on the right foot as they begin the next phase of their journey with Christ.

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