The Healing Power of Confession – Lauren De Witt

January 27, 2023 | No Comments

As a Baptist preacher’s kid, Lauren De Witt struggled with the idea of “once saved, always saved,” because she constantly wondered if her patterns of sin meant she was never

Healing After Abortion – Kerstin Pakka

January 20, 2023 | No Comments

After Kerstin Pakka had an abortion, she struggled with her self-worth, in her marriage, and in a number of areas of life, but kept it hidden because she didn’t feel

The Struggle of Leaving Protestant Ministry – Celso Tavares

January 13, 2023 | No Comments

For a number of years, Celso Tavares was a successful pastor and teacher, receiving invitations to preach throughout Brazil. For him, the struggle to present Christ while also being in

Returning to Church at Christmas – Fr. Sebastian Walshe, O. Praem

December 16, 2022 | No Comments

At Christmas, Catholic parishes around the world will be filled with people, many of whom only come to church a few times a year. So how should we welcome them

Discovering Advent as a New Catholic – Lauren De Witt

December 09, 2022 | No Comments

As a preacher’s daughter, Lauren De Witt had fond memories of kicking off December by decorating her Baptist church for Christmas. When she became Catholic as a young adult, it

Finding Truth Through Reason – Fr. Sebastian Walshe, O. Praem

November 18, 2022 | No Comments

Growing up in a mixed religious household, Fr. Sebastian Walshe did a lot of thinking about the question of whether all religions are equally valid, or on the other hand,

Building on the Faith of Our Parents – Fr. Sebastian Walshe, O. Praem.

November 04, 2022 | No Comments

Fr. Sebastian Walshe’s mother gave him both Jewish and Lutheran faith foundations, and his father was a Catholic who didn’t really go to Mass, but still held on to some

The Saints in the Universal Church – Rakhi McCormick

October 28, 2022 | No Comments

Growing up Hindu in Iowa, Rakhi McCormick loved when she had opportunities to participate in festivals that celebrated her heritage, because they connected her to a larger community that shared

Jesus as both Savior and Lord – Melissa Slagle

October 21, 2022 | No Comments

When Melissa Slagle first became a Christian, she accepted Jesus as her Savior. She shares how a series of events in her world, and especially some particularly difficult questions about

Humility and Patience in Evangelization – Seth Horton

October 14, 2022 | No Comments

When Seth Horton, an Evangelical Christian, first met his wife, a Catholic, his goal was to convince her through argument to leave Catholicism. The ineffectiveness of his approach led him

The Grace of Deathbed Conversions – Fr. Sebastian Walshe, O. Praem

October 07, 2022 | No Comments

Many of us have people in our lives who we wish shared our faith, but do not. Some of us have been praying for those loved ones for years, or

Mindfulness, Meditation, and the Rosary – Lauren De Witt

September 30, 2022 | No Comments

As a Baptist preacher’s kid, when Lauren De Witt hit an extremely low point and sought out counseling, some of the mindfulness techniques that were recommended didn’t sit quite right

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