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From Purity Culture to Theology of the Body – Rachel Bulman

August 4, 2023 No Comments

The view of sexual morality that Rachel Bulman grew up with in her Pentecostal youth group was heavily focused on what counted as a sin, and had a strong emphasis on total depravity and being unworthy before God. It was communicated to her as a morality without a theology, and created a lot of scrupulosity and self-doubt for her, especially due to the way that women were talked about and treated in that world.

When Rachel discovered the Theology of the Body, it was a revelation for her: here was a way of looking at sexual morality that was based first on what it means for human beings to be made in the image of God, created for relationship, and it had implications that went far beyond what a person could and couldn’t do on a date.

It gave her a Christian anthropological framework, not just for understanding men and women, but for what it means to be human, created good by God, and meant for relationship with Him in the world that He created.

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