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A Protestant Minister Finds a New Calling – Fr. Michael Rennier

September 22, 2023 No Comments

Growing up Pentecostal, Fr. Michael Rennier felt called to ministry, but his concept of pastoring was built on big personalities and talented public speaking, and he didn’t feel like that’s who he was.

When he discovered Anglican liturgy, he felt immediately drawn to it, because the focus was prayer and Holy Communion, and it fit perfectly with what he’d felt God calling him to.

But as his prayer and discernment kept pointing him toward the Catholic Church, he faced a dilemma. The same God who’d called him to pastor was now calling him to Catholicism. Should he follow that call, even if it meant laying down his Anglican priesthood, with no guarantee that he’d ever be able to be ordained a Catholic priest once he entered?

Watch Fr. Rennier on The Journey Home.