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A Father Finds Healing After Abortion – Tyler Pakka

October 6, 2023 No Comments

When Tyler and his wife Kerstin found out they were expecting after they’d just had their first child, they knew abortion was a legal option for them, so they pursued it.

But in the aftermath of their decision, they felt isolated and ashamed, and it put an enormous strain on their relationship. During this time, Kerstin was also exploring questions of faith, and feeling drawn to the beauty and peace she’d experienced in Catholic churches, and Tyler was trying to figure out how to support her in that pursuit of healing.

As they got more serious about exploring Catholicism, Tyler and his wife were afraid they would never be welcome in the Church because of what they had done; but when they shared their struggles, they found mercy instead, and the support they needed to help heal their family. Now, they work to extend that same mercy to others.

Hear Kerstin’s story