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Becoming Catholic While Teaching at a Private Christian School – Episode 26

April 20, 2023 No Comments

Many private Christian schools have their staff sign an annual doctrinal statement, to ensure consistency of belief and teaching in their communities.

But many of those doctrinal statements are also crafted so as to exclude Christians from certain theological backgrounds, especially Catholics.

So what happens when a teacher at one of those schools decides to become Catholic?

Matt D’Antuono and Dr. Annie Bullock both had that experience, and share how their interest in Catholicism affected their work as private Christian high school teachers, what happened when they actually became Catholic, and how they’ve found ways to use their gifts and passion for education now that they’ve come into the Church.

Dr. Bullock’s episode of The Journey Home

Matt D’Antuono’s episode of The Journey Home

A written version of Matt D’Antuono’s story

Matt D’Antuono’s books

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