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Matt D’Antuono – Former Evangelical Protestant

January 16, 2018 2 Comments

Though baptized Catholic, Matt D’Antuono’s connection to the Catholic Church fizzled after his parents divorced.  In college, he rediscovered his faith while connecting with Evangelical campus ministries.  It was while he was working in campus ministry that he began an email correspondence with a Catholic who’d reached out to him.  Around this time, he also began taking classes on C.S. Lewis from none other than Peter Kreeft, and he began to feel drawn back to the Catholic faith of his youth.  This caused conflict with the Evangelical school where he was teaching, and eventually he knew he had to make a decision in regard to what he really believed about the Catholic Church.

Matt’s also an avid YouTuber!  Check out his channel, Donec Requiescat.

  • Matt

    Thanks to everybody at The Coming Home Network and EWTN for your ministry! It was a great opportunity for me to share my story, and I am happy to have received so much positive feedback already. Pray for me!

    • Bear Poth

      Matt, this is a beautiful story. You lay out the logic of your faith brilliantly. Thanks and God Bless You.