Deacon Patrick Lappert – Convert from Judaism and Atheism

November 29, 2016

Deacon Patrick Lappert married a Catholic, and went along with raising his children in the faith because he thought it would be a nice way to teach them to live according to moral principles.  A former member of the Jewish faith who now considered himself an atheist, his plan was to enlighten his kids once they grew up, letting them know all religion was based in superstition.  As he continued to attend Mass with his family, he began to see that much of his mistrust for religious authority was related ... more

This Tremendous, Patient Lover

October 12, 2016

God made me a scientist before He made me anything else. As long as I can remember I have had the urge to understand even the inexplicable. But He also gifted me with an understanding that whatever I could explain was necessarily insufficient. ... more

Fr. Benedict Groeschel Memorial Episode — “Authentic and Inauthentic Renewal”

October 16, 2014

On this special episode of Deep in Scripture, Marcus and Ken forego the usual discussion for an excerpt from a talk by Fr. Benedict Groeschel in honor of his passing. ... more
kenneth howell speaking

Breaking Through the Myths of History

July 10, 2014

Historian Dr. Kenneth Howell describes how historical myths play a part in the perception of the Catholic Faith and gives insight into seeking truth throughout history. He explores first the “Galileo Affair” and then looks back at worship and Church government in early Christianity to demonstrate the fundamental importance not just of knowing historical data but being deep in the historical faith. ... more
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Dr. Anthony Rizzi: Revert from Agnosticism

June 9, 2003

Dr. Anthony Rizzi, founder and director of the Institute for Advanced Physics, gained worldwide recognition in theoretical physics by solving an 80-year old problem in Einstein’s theory. With physics degrees from MIT and Princeton, he has been senior scientist for the California Institute of Technology at the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) and adjunct professor at LSU and has participated in NASA experiments. Dr. Rizzi’s over 20 year career in physics is complemented by his continual study of philosophy during that period. He has been an invited speaker at ... more

Dr. Charles Spivak: Former Atheist

December 3, 2001

Born and raised Catholic, Dr. Spivak slowly lost his faith as a teen and collegian. He did not leave the Church in anger. He just could not find any reason to believe in God. In college and medical school he adopted atheism and secular materialism as his philosophy of life. He was eventually brought back to God in Christ and his Church through the wonders of the Universe through the study of Astronomy. ... more
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John L Barger: Former Atheist

September 25, 2000

John grew up in a nonreligious home. As a boy he wanted to know the truth. In high school he debated evangelical Christians. Their unquestioning appeal to scriptural authority he felt was circular reasoning. In college, he studied the philosophers, but their contradicting of each other led him to despair and atheism. He left college and entered the military. He found his only comfort in drinking. He believed that truth could only be discovered through science. While taking a course at the Citadel, in South Carolina, he was introduced to ... more