Dr. David Gregson: Former Presbyterian & Anglo-catholic Priest – The Journey Home Program

August 4, 2014 | no responses

David was raised in a Protestant family. His father was a Presbyterian minister. In college he met a Catholic girl who he attempted to convert. She gave him a book of Catholic apologetics called “The Question Box”. This answered most of his argument against the Church. He began to attend Mass and was drawn to […]

Fr. George Rutler: Former Episcopal Priest – The Journey Home Program

November 26, 1999 | no responses

Father Rutler was brought up as a traditional Episcopalian in New Jersey. He was formed in the faith by his parents and grandparents. He was always devoted to Jesus and his sacraments. He does not know a time, since he was a boy, that he didn’t feel called to ministry. After college he attended seminary […]

Mary Lyman Jackson: Former Episcopalian – The Journey Home Program

August 20, 1999 | no responses

Mary first experienced the love of God through her gift of music. As a young woman she married Fr. Logan, Jackson, a faithful traditional Anglo-Catholic priest. They heard the Lord to leave all behind and go to care for the poorest of the poor, along with their three young children. After Logan contracted Lou Gehrig’s […]

Thomas Benton: Former Methodist – The Journey Home Program

August 13, 1999 | no responses

Thomas was brought up in Louisiana as a Methodist. In his early years, he was very anti-Catholic. While in the military, he was drawn to the Catholic faith, through the witness of a Catholic convert. He discovered the beauty of the Real Presence of Christ in the Holy Eucharist. After he married a Catholic girl, […]

Michael Gilstrap: Former Episcopal Priest – The Journey Home Program

February 19, 1999 | no responses

Michael and his family were converted to Christ through the Baptist church when he was 13 years old. At a Baptist college, in Texas, he began to question the depth of Baptist theology. So, he became a Presbyterian. He led a think tank called Geneva Ministries for 10 years. During that time his Presbyterian congregation […]

Dr. Kenneth Howell: Former Presbyterian Minister, The Journey Home Program

May 8, 1998 | one response

Marcus & Dr. Howell discuss the Catholic teaching of Redemptive suffering. Reared in a Protestant home, in his late teens Dr. Howell had a deep sense of the grace of God in his life and loved to read the Sacred Scriptures.  He attended Westminster Theological Seminary, in Philadelphia and was ordained a Presbyterian (PCA) pastor, […]