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Joelle Maryn – Catholic Revert

November 2, 2021 No Comments

Joelle Maryn had strong faith as a child, but when a house fire claimed the life of her sister a week before Christmas, she felt like that direct line she’d had to God was somehow disconnected. She never stopped believing in God, but after experiencing that level of tragedy, she decided she didn’t trust Him anymore. She threw herself into acting and the fashion industry, and found great success there, but still felt empty inside. That experience of coming to the end of herself led Joelle to cry out to God, and was the first step back to a real relationship with Him and a reconnection to the sacraments.

Joelle has written a book about her journey, titled Master of the Pieces: Being Restored, Redeemed and Empowered by the Love of God.

Read a shorter version of Joelle’s written story here, and find more about her work at