Mormon/Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Sylvia Rummel

Towards the True Church of Jesus Christ

December 21, 2015

I was born into the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (RLDS), both sides of my family being staunch believers in that faith. My father’s parents were Methodists converted by an RLDS missionary, Elder Hubert Case, who came to Oklahoma in 1907 just before my father was born. Daddy was named Hubert in his honor. Although both their families were horrified by the conversion and refused to hear anything about such “fraudulence,” my Swain grandparents always considered their conversion to be the greatest blessing that ever happened ... more

Pamela Sullivan: Former Assemblies of God

August 24, 2015

Pamela’s father was interested in many religions. She spent her first eight years in the Mormon church. Later they moved on to a Baptist congregation. When she was twelve she accepted Jesus but she didn’t really understand what she was doing. Her parents continued to church hop causing her to be very confused and without a spiritual home. Finally, as a teen, Pamela found a home in the Assembly of God, where she learned to love Christ and be immersed in Holy Scripture. In college sadly Pamela rebelled ... more

From Cradle Mormon to Joyful Catholic: My Journey to the Eucharist

January 6, 2014

*JoAnn’s last name is withheld out of consideration for her family who are still Mormon.  ... more
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Dr. Richard Sherlock: Former Mormon

April 8, 2013

Growing up in the culture of Mormonism, Dr. Richard Sherlock, was a thinker who loved the great questions of life.  It propelled him to study philosophy in college and then in graduate school at Harvard.  It was there, while taking a course in early church history, that seeds were planted in Catholicism.  Dr. Sherlock relates the journey he traveled as a professor which, interestingly, had him teaching moral theology as a Mormon at a Catholic university and today teaching predominantly Mormon students at a state university in Utah as a ... more
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From Confusion to the Order of Truth

March 26, 2012

My pathway home to the Catholic Church required an all-terrain vehicle to negotiate the steep, rocky, tortuous roads including dead ends, cul-de-sacs, and detours. Unlike many of The Journey Home stories, I was not trained in theology or doctrine. I attended no seminary, Bible college, or religious institute. But a great deal of informal education in those areas plus years of lay ministry led me to the Catholic Church. And it all started early. ... more

History Led Me Out, History Led Me In

March 5, 2012

I stood on the edge of America, sand under my feet and the warm water from the Atlantic Ocean washing over my toes. On the horizon I could see them: early morning thunderheads. All lined up and towering into the sky – some closer, some farther away – but all beautiful and majestic; standing like sentinels ready to fight an unseen enemy and seemingly ready to protect. As I watched, some of these thunderheads developed into giants, with the telltale anvil head shape. While others, shaded from the sun by the larger ... more
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Albert Holder: Former Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

January 8, 2012

Albert Holder grew up as the son of a career missionary in the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints (now the Community of Christ).  His faith was sincere and was his parents.  And yet, his father began  a journey of conversion which deeply affected Albert.  As a teen, Albert at first resisted the pull to the Catholic Church that his parents and siblings experienced.  But a chance course in poetry while Albert was in college opened up a new world for him.  His interest in medieval writing subsequently ... more
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Barry Metzentine: Former Mormon

November 29, 2010

Barry Metzentine began life in Portland, OR with little to no religious affiliation, though he did some encounter some sense of the divine in several dreams when he was seven or eight.  At best, Barry considered himself an unformed Christian.  Seeing that the urban life was leading their son down an undesirable path, the family moved to a rural part of Oregon as Barry was approaching high school.  It changed the dynamics in his life, connecting him with new Catholic friends and introducing him to the world of competitive sports.   ... more
Gene Fadness

Priesthood in Mormonism, Hebrews 10:19-20

January 27, 2010

Marcus welcomes Gene Fadness, a former member of the Church of Latter-day Saints, to discuss a Bible verse that challenged his understanding of the Mormon faith. Marcus and Gene discuss the Mormon understanding of the temple, the priesthood, the Eucharist, and divinity,  and how these understandings different from mainline Christianity. Gene gives suggestions on how to talk to LDS missionaries at your door. ... more

Fr. Erik Reichsteig: Raised Mormon but Wanted to Become a Catholic Priest

October 15, 2007

Raised as a Mormon in Salt Lake City, Fr. Erik became interested in the Catholic faith after going to Mass with a friend. After reading about the Catholic Church he not only decided he wanted to be a Catholic, but at the age of ten also decided he wanted to become a priest. Fr. Erik was ordained a Catholic priest on June 25, 1994. ... more
Gene Fadness

Gene Fadness: Converted From Mormonism

October 9, 2006

Gene was baptized in the Lutheran Church but his family never attended much. In college, he was introduced to the Mormons and felt drawn in, even though a few of their beliefs seemed odd to him. Finally, after doubting his Mormon faith for many years, he discovered the fullness of the Christian faith in the Catholic Church. ... more