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Barry Metzentine: Former Mormon

November 29, 2010 No Comments

Barry Metzentine began life in Portland, OR with little to no religious affiliation, though he did some encounter some sense of the divine in several dreams when he was seven or eight.  At best, Barry considered himself an unformed Christian.  Seeing that the urban life was leading their son down an undesirable path, the family moved to a rural part of Oregon as Barry was approaching high school.  It changed the dynamics in his life, connecting him with new Catholic friends and introducing him to the world of competitive sports.  Following high school, Barry entered the Air Force.  He was introduced to a few Mormons, one of whom would become his first wife.  Barry jumped into that faith with both feet, but when his marriage began to unravel four and a half years later, his faith in Mormonism (and God) dissolved.  He then lived a decade in which he invested in his education, career and himself, but ended up feeling empty.  About that time he met a faithful Catholic woman who would become his second wife.  Through, her, the Church and the Holy Spirit, Barry would come to know the Trinitarian God in its completeness and be converted to become an active lay Catholic apologist and teacher.