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Deep in ScriptureDeep in Scripture 2010

Priesthood in Mormonism, Hebrews 10:19-20

Gene Fadness |
January 27, 2010 One Comment

Marcus welcomes Gene Fadness, a former member of the Church of Latter-day Saints, to discuss a Bible verse that challenged his understanding of the Mormon faith. Marcus and Gene discuss the Mormon understanding of the temple, the priesthood, the Eucharist, and divinity,  and how these understandings different from mainline Christianity. Gene gives suggestions on how to talk to LDS missionaries at your door.

Scripture verse: Hebrews 10:19-20 and 7: 1-7, 22-28

Resources mentioned:

Gene Fadness

Gene was baptized in the Lutheran Church but his family never attended much. In college, he was introduced to the Mormons and felt drawn in, even though a few of their beliefs seemed odd to him. Finally, after doubting his Mormon faith for many years, he discovered the fullness of the Christian faith in the Catholic Church.

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