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From Evangelical to Evangelical Catholic

Jason Shanks | Conversion Stories, Evangelical | One Comment

Looking for answers, I sat down with the leader of an “interdenominational” Protestant organization on campus and asked, “Why must we be married in a church? Why can’t a couple just declare that they are married in their dorm room? Where in Scripture does one find the vows? Where in Scripture does it say that we need to exchange rings?”
The answer: Tradition! I couldn’t believe it. The ring on the finger of the Protestant pastor I so admired was not the product of “Bible alone” theology but of tradition, and a Catholic one at that!
Though none that I knew would ever acknowledge it, I had discovered that Protestants held to a tradition not found in the Bible. Starting here, I began to see the inconsistencies of Protestant faith and practice. My “Bible alone” theology had broken down.
So here my investigation began: at the Sacrament of Marriage.

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If Someone Had Told Me That I Would Become Catholic (I Would Have Told Them They Were Crazy)

Marc Ayers |
Calvinist, Conversion Stories, Presbyterian & Reformed | One Comment

“The more we studied, the more the beauty, majesty, weight and history of the whole of the Christian world seemed to open up to us. We had not really left our core beliefs behind at all – indeed we love and greatly appreciate what we had been given in our Presbyterian communities – we had only fleshed them out in a real sense.”

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The Practical Problems of Sola Scriptura

James Akin |
Articles, Blog | 3 Comments

According to sola Scriptura, any role Tradition, a Magisterium, Bible commentaries, or anything else may play in theology is simply to suggest interpretations and evidence to the believer as he makes his decision. Each individual Christian is thus put in the position of being his own theologian.

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