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“These weren’t the Catholics I grew up with. They loved Jesus more than I did.” – Rob Corzine

Rob Corzine | August 23, 2016 One Comment

Rob Corzine was a semi-observant Baptist, and when he started dating a Catholic girl, he thought she would go along peacefully with his nominal Christianity. As it turned out, not only did she not want to casually abandon her Catholic faith, she provided Rob with some resources that led him to think more deeply about his faith, and his encounter with Catholics who lived their convictions seriously had a major impact on him.  Watch his story on the latest SIGNPOSTS video short.

  • Carole Esk’ridge

    I was without a doubt a Baptist saved teenager, in my mind! As I look back I am shocked that I could have believed that. I was spoiled, sometimes rude and very judgmental but thought I put Christ first because I read my Bible off and on and went to church every Sunday and most Wednesday evenings. My true interest was an 8 years older Army Private 23 1/2 years old. I was 15 1/2 when we became serious, we were Virgins when we married. I had never dated anyone else and knew I could save him with my femininity. Was I ever wrong! He was a good man, good provider but he had never been Baptized. Ten years later we had 2 beautiful children and a divorce. He threaten to bankrupt his business if I took our daughters. I had no job experience and no skills. I was afraid to stand up to him. So I went to live with my Baptist Parents. I found out I was no longer an ideal Baptist nor did I fit anywhere with any Christian denomination. It became torture to go to church.

    When I could endure it NO more Our Heavenly Father lead me home to the Roman Catholic Church called St. Mary’s of the Visitation Catholic Church through a very kind Grandfather like Priest, Fr. Wagner, S.D.S.. Thank God I found one person who had the mercy to believe in me. I’ve been a Catholic since 1984. There have been hard times but I couldn’t have made it without the love given to me by dear friends that God has given me in my Catholic Journey. I have an annulment. I have a better life than I thought could ever be mine.

    My saddest thought: is I have no real fruit, of dear human Souls that I know of, that I have lead into the loving arms of Jesus through the Roman Catholic Church. I will continue to work on becoming a true example of a loving Catholic who welcomes everyone into the Church just like Jesus did here on Earth remembering he had a special love for Sinners. I pray with the guidance and love of our Mother Mary teaching me how to share my faith with others.

    I am a Think-tanker and Prayer Warrior for Peace it is my dearest dream to develop an organization that helps Pew Sitters (like me) who go to Mass, read the Bible and say the Rosary every day to become active Home Missionaries in our Roman Catholic Churches. Laity can make a beautiful difference in the destiny of our Catholic Home as a resting place for weary Souls who were lost and now are found.

    Please pray with me that in our lives we will bring home through the Roman Catholic Church many sinners into the loving heart of Jesus!