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“Once you experience the Church from the inside, your views about it begin to change.”

Joe Copeck | May 5, 2017 2 Comments

Joe Copeck grew up as a “Christmas and Easter” Catholic, but found a more fulfilling relationship with Jesus in the Lutheran Church, eventually becoming an ordained minister.  Discovering the importance of the Catholic Church’s authority to interpret scripture was a key factor in his decision to return to the faith tradition of his youth.


    I can relate to Joe’s wife objecting to his return, I am going through the same issues with my wife, who was not Catholic. My wife detests that I go to mass and Sunday’s are not a “pleasant valley Sunday” moment. It has been 6 years since my return and I must say it has gotten some what better. My wife still believes I have walked away from Jesus and that my salvation is in question. I had left the church when my wife and I got married 46 years ago and I was gone from the Church 40 of those years. I didn’t realize the animosity that existed toward the Catholic Church until I returned, and it is alive and well. Thank you for the Coming Home Network, I like hearing your guests articulate the thoughts and challenges that I have experienced and how similar the experiences are, kinda like a brotherhood/sisterhood I guess you can say.

    • Coming Home Network

      Thank you for sharing your experience! God calls different people in different ways and at different times- sometimes within the same marriage. Trusting his call and his plan in the midst of that is something that many of our members can relate to. Please pray for us as we try to be the best ministers of God’s peace that we can to all in this difficult situation!