Assemblies of God

“Our understanding of the Christian Faith was not diminished by becoming Catholic; it increased exponentially.” – Ernie Freeman

Ernie Freeman | February 5, 2016 4 Comments

Former Assemblies of God minister Ernie Freeman shares what it means to have a relationship with Jesus Christ as a Catholic, and how exploring the Catholic faith helped him go deeper in his walk with Christ.

  • I was one of those 30%. I can imagine the reasons many leave are multifold, but my guess is the main reason is lack of teaching and understanding.

    • Opps! I meant 40%. I didn’t see this in time to edit. :0

      • Agreed, those are often the reasons. Additionally, I think sometimes the teaching is well-meaning but very poor, either in content or in taking into account the audience.

  • John Shepard

    Ernie, so good to find you here and proclaiming your faith in Christ through the Catholic church. Where are you living and serving now? Best to Lois!