An Atheist’s Path to Catholicism – Marc Lozano

July 12, 2024 | No Comments

Marc Lozano was raised Catholic, but complained so much about going to Mass that his family stopped participating in the life of the Church. He became a convinced atheist, and

Joining God’s Family – Derek Rotty

May 17, 2024 | No Comments

Between coming from a divorced family and his own budding adolescent ego, by the time Derek Rotty was a young man, faith was a long forgotten priority. But in studying

How a Catholic Convert Became a Religious Sister – Sr. Julia Mary Darrenkamp, FSP

April 26, 2024 | No Comments

Raised in a solidly Christian family with experience of a number of Protestant denominations, Sr. Julia’s first exposure to Catholicism came through books about the lives of the saints that

How a Church of Christ Minister Became Catholic – Lawain McNeil

April 12, 2024 | No Comments

Though raised Free Will Baptist, it was as a teenager in a Church of Christ context that Lawain McNeil’s faith caught fire, especially under the mentorship of a basketball coach.

Hindu to Atheist to Catholic – Srishti Gupta

January 12, 2024 | No Comments

Srishti Gupta was raised Hindu, but had become an atheist by college and was actively trying to convince others to reject religion. A friendship with a Christian began to soften

How a Seventh-day Adventist Minister Became Catholic – Norman bin Yazid

July 28, 2023 | No Comments

Norman bin Yazid had a strong foundation of faith in the Seventh-day Adventist tradition, and his love for God and desire to learn and share more about Him led him

A Slow and Steady Path to Catholicism – Tyler Pakka

July 21, 2023 | No Comments

Tyler Pakka had some experience of going to churches as a kid, but it wasn’t until his young adult years, when he was going through some difficulties, that he connected

A Presbyterian Minister’s Journey to Catholicism – Dean Waldt

July 14, 2023 | No Comments

As a young Christian, Dean Waldt wanted to serve the Lord with his life, but his first experience of ordained ministry left him burned out, and he left to pursue

An Evangelical Seminary Professor Becomes Catholic – Dr. Jason Reed

February 03, 2023 | No Comments

Dr. Jason Reed’s desire to follow Christ led him to pursue academic study in theology and philosophy. He went on teach those disciplines at an Evangelical seminary, in hopes of

Bob Jones, Beauty, and the Catholic Church – Sam Guzman

January 06, 2023 | No Comments

Sam Guzman’s formation as a Christian ended up bringing him to Bob Jones University, known for its strong Fundamentalist convictions. Interestingly enough, he began working at an art gallery on

A Foursquare Pastor Who Started Agreeing With the Catholics – Kenny Burchard

November 11, 2022 | No Comments

Kenny Burchard was a Foursquare pastor for a number of years, but even becoming Christian in the first place as a teenager was a source of conflict in his family,

An Actor Becomes a Catholic Deacon – Deacon Graham Galloway

September 09, 2022 | No Comments

Deacon Graham Galloway was raised Presbyterian, and through his teens into young adulthood, had roles on everything from back to school specials to Matlock and 90210 to the acclaimed Stand

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