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Are Catholics Christians?

January 19, 2015 No Comments

Of course, this is understandable when it comes to bad Catholics, like the Mafioso Catholics we see in the movies, who aren’t really living according to the teachings of their Faith. But it’s even true of good faithful Catholics. Many Protestants simply don’t think of them as Christians.    

So what’s the answer? Are Catholics Christians?

As strange as this may sound to Protestant ears, the Coming Home Network is actually a whole network of sincere believers who strove to follow Jesus with their whole hearts and who were led to the very last place they ever expected: the Catholic Church.

In our desire to follow Him, we found ourselves forced to reconsider the claims of the Catholic faith and to challenge our assumptions about what Catholics practiced and believed. In the Church, we found not less of Christ, but more; not Jesus diluted and lost among Catholic “stuff”, but a deeper, richer relationship with Him.

So yes, we are Christians, and here are some of our stories. We would like to share the reasons why we have become Catholic. Take a look and tell us what you think.