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Tyler Blanski – Former Anglican

October 26, 2018 No Comments

Tyler Blanski had a deep love of Scripture as far back as he can remember, but also had a strong aversion to any hint of what he saw to be “man-made” religion. At the same time, he loved poetry, art, and literature, and as he was starting to experience dissatisfaction with aspects of his Baptist upbringing, he discovered the Anglican Book of Common Prayer, and fell in love with its reverent approach to prayer and devotion. He began to be involved with both Anglicanism and the “Emergent Church,” and for the first time began to understand what creedal Christianity could look like. It was his time as an Anglican seminarian that introduced him to, among other things, the thought of Pope Benedict XVI, and helped lead him to the Catholic Church.

Tyler’s spiritual memoir, An Immovable Feast, is available from Ignatius Press.