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TL Putnam – Former United Methodist

April 2, 2019 No Comments

TL Putnam came from a long line of Methodist preachers, all the way back to the era of the circuit riders! As such, he always had the internal sense that he’d somehow be involved in ministry himself. After getting his formation at Asbury Seminary and working in Methodist churches as a worship leader, he began to investigate the Catholic Church more fully, especially through the mentorship of a relative who was a Catholic priest, who helped him understand the purpose of liturgy. That, combined with an appreciation of Catholic teaching on marriage and family and a number of other realizations led TL to discern a clear call into the Catholic Church.

TL has a radio show, which has featured a number of interviews with CHNetwork staff and members! You can find more information at

There are some great insights from TL’s experience for anyone who comes from a non-Catholic ministry background who wants to enter the Church but is afraid of what it might mean for their careers. If you’re a non-Catholic clergy member who is struggling in that area, the Coming Home Network can help.