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Thomas Richard: Former Unitarian Minister

June 18, 2001 No Comments

Thomas was brought up Catholic. As an adolescent he began to think that the only way he could discover ultimate truth was through science. Through the study of physics he hit a dead end and became a militant atheist. He began to attend a Unitarian congregation. The pastor asked him if he wanted to be a minister. He entered seminary still an atheist. As a Unitarian pastor he was invited to a weekend Bible study retreat led by a Jesuit priest and a nun. God used the retreat to confront Thomas of his emptiness and need for Jesus Christ. With a newfound hunger for Scripture, he let the ministry and gravitated to Evangelical Protestantism. Still not satisfied, his hunger for the Holy Eucharist drew him, after many years, back to the Catholic Church.  Thomas is the author of the book, “The Ordinary Path to Holiness”.