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Terry Hatty: Revert to the Catholic Faith

May 16, 2011 No Comments

Terry Hatty, a former vocalist for Canadian rock band. The Guess Who, is this week’s Journey Home guest.  He grew up in St. John’s, New Brunswick in a solid, hard-working Catholic family.  He says he was first taken to church, then sent, and then he completely slipped away when starting college.  Shortly into his collegiate career, he joined his first band.  It marked the “toll of death” for academia, but led him to a lifetime in the music business.  It also, unfortunately, put him in the throes of sex and drugs as well.  Through the decades, Terry would seek for what is “real” in the heart and soul of musical lyrics and performance, until realizing one day, that something great lay beyond the created world of music.  By the mid-seventies, Terry was re-discovering his faith, being particularly moved by the renewal movement within Catholicism.  He became a disciple of Christ and returned to roots of his upbringing – the Catholic Church.