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Steven Smith: Former Non-denominational Evangelical

April 1, 2013 No Comments

Dr. Steven Smith grew up in a loving, moral Catholic home in Chicago in a predominantly Irish Catholic neighborhood.  He admits that though weekly mass attenders, the family did not talk much about their faith.  In high school, Steven began to have questions and by college considered himself agnostic.  He had a invitation from a protestant ministry group on campus which led him to a Plymouth Brethren congregation for about a year and then to a mega church, Willow Creek.  It was here that he was formed in scripture and in the theology of that non-denominational, evangelical, seeker-sensitive congregation; and where he met his wife, also a former Catholic.  Steven and his wife returned to the Catholic Church in 2000.  He now is a professor of New Testament at Mount Saint Mary Seminary in Maryland and an author.

Steve Smith: Non-denominational Evangelical