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Steve Ray: Former Baptist

October 3, 2011 No Comments

Steve Ray, a return guest of The Journey Home Program, grew up in a Baptist household where he learned a true love for Jesus and Holy Scripture.  His infant dedication by his parents was personally affirmed at age 17.  For the next 20 years, he lived out his faith as a Baptist.  But, over time, Steve began to question some of the tenets of his beliefs.  Becoming immersed in church history, he began to discover the truth of Christianity.  At age 39, Steve and his family converted to Catholicism.  His book, Crossing the Tiber, has become a classic conversion story.  Ironically, it was written by Steve as a letter to his father explaining why he felt compelled to leave his Protestant roots and be received into the Catholic Church.  Today, Steve Ray travels the world sharing the findings of archeology which affirm the historicity of the Christian faith.