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Sonja Corbitt – Former Southern Baptist

December 14, 2016 4 Comments

Sonja Corbitt grew up going to Southern Baptist revivals and church camps, and while she felt that God had a relationship with her, she didn’t really feel like she had a relationship with Him.  She was obedient to what she thought she should be doing, but a lot of her earliest feelings about God were informed by fear.  When Sonja and her husband became part of the leadership at their local congregation, they experienced a couple of heartbreaking church splits, which only deepened her sense of fear about her own brokenness in the sight of God.  Stinging from these splits, Sonja decided to explore the history of Martin Luther and the Reformation, to see what was behind the most famous “church split” ever recorded.  Doing so caused her to reflect on the rebelliousness in her own spiritual life, and to look at surrendering to Christ in a whole new way through his Church.  Sonja’s books are available from Ave Maria Press.