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Scott Weeman – Catholic Revert, Recovering Alcohol and Drug Addict

February 7, 2017 No Comments

Scott was raised Catholic, but around the same time he received the Holy Spirit in Confirmation at age 17, he also took his first drink, and began to base his life, as he says, on different kinds of spirits.  A bright student, he soon saw his grades fall, his relationships fail, and everything around him crumble.  He got sober briefly to try and mend things, but never truly opened himself up to God’s grace.  Finally, when it seemed he was at his most hopeless point, he started to feel the presence of God more clearly in his life, and was able to truly develop a relationship with Christ through the recovery process, becoming involved in the life of the Church and relearning what it means to be human.

Scott’s outreach to those struggling with addiction is