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Scott McDermott: Former Atheist

April 3, 2006 One Comment

Marcus & Scott answer open-line questions from the audience.

Scott grew up in Kentucky in an unchurched family. In reaction against what he saw the ignorance of fundamentalist Christians around him, at a very early age he declared himself an Atheist. At the same time, as a teen, he developed same sex attraction. In college, he became immersed in politics and the gay lifestyle. Depress and feeling empty he began to read Catholic authors, such as Flannery O’Connor, Evelyn Waugh and Thomas Merton. He then began to visit the local Catholic parish and eventually praying the rosary. Through this route, God led Scott to faith and grace though Jesus Christ and membership in the Catholic Church. Scott is the author of the book, “Charles Carroll of Carrollton: Faithful Revolutionary”.

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