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Sara Piazza: Revert from Judaism

January 13, 2014 No Comments
Marcus Grodi welcomes Sara Piazza who shares her interesting journey to the Catholic Church, on to Judaism, and then returning Home. Sara grew up on the Island of Martha’s Vineyard. Her parents’ marriage ended before she was born and she would never meet her father, leaving a large hole in Sara’s heart – a significant part of her seeking wholeness. Her mother became disillusioned with organized religion. Sara’s grandmother introduced her to the faith through a Methodist Sunday school, but by her teens, Sara had no connection to a church. Later, her children, her love of music and her continuing faith journey took her through the Methodist and Episcopalian traditions to eventually conve1ting to Catholicism. It led her to a deepening spirituality, as she began to study Hebrew and subsequently becoming Jewish. How she eventually felt called to return to the Catholic Church is the conclusion of her fascinating st0ry.